Dear Maya quick movie review: Manisha Koirala’s comeback movie is slow-paced but interesting

Dear Maya quick movie review: Manisha Koirala’s comeback movie is slow-paced but interesting

Dear Maya marks Manisha Koirala‘s comeback to the big screen
after a long hiatus. Everyone who has
earlier seen her perform in movies were excited about this
film. Our critic Sreeju Sudhakaran is watching the film right
now and has given us an inkling of what the first half of the
film is all about. (Also read: Manisha
Koirala sides with Raveena on Salman, Aamir preferring
younger heroines – watch exclusive video

Sreeju says, “Manisha Koirala makes a sort of comeback to
Bollywood with Dear Maya, a movie about discovering love at a
time when you think all is lost. Ana and Ira are two high
school girls in Simla who are besties. They are intrigued by
Ana’s strange neighbour Maya. The latter is a spinster
who leads a lonely existence in her mansion and never bothers
to leave her courtyard. Egged by a mischievous Ira, Ana
begins to write letters to Maya anonymously as a past
admirer. On the receipt of these letters, Maya begins to find
a new meaning and colour to her life. This change in her is
secretly appreciated by Ana, who begins to develop a bond
with her. But things begin to take a darker turn, when Maya
sells her house and shifts to Delhi to find her ‘lover’.”

He further adds, “Dear Maya may not have a novel idea at
hand. It is also slow paced and takes time for things to fall
in place. Also a movie like Dear Maya looks like a fish out
of water at times like this. But the narrative has some
intriguing moments, especially after the girls’ prank letters
begin to have an effect on Maya’s desolate existence.
Thankfully, there are no distractions from this plot, except
for a subplot about a boy having a crush on Ana. The
performances from the cast are also fine, with Manisha
Koirala leading the show. The movie reaches interval point
when Maya’s departure makes Ana suffer from deep guilt that
breaks up her friendship with Ira. What will happen when Maya
finds out there is no such secret admirer in Delhi? That’s
what the second half has to answer…”

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