Dulquer, Allu Arjun, Kamal Haasan,Mahesh Babu: Here’s looking at the popular dads of south

Fathers are seriously underrated. What an anchor is to a ship,
that’s what dads to our lives. They are like the avengers, they
are around when you need them the most. This important member
of our family has been respect and admired even in
cienma. When it comes to fathers on screen, cinema has
understood their importance perfectly. Through the years, all
kinds of fathers have been portrayed and each of them have been
relatable in some way. While some of them have been grand in
their showcase, some have made a difference through their
silent presence. But did you know some of these actors who pull
of these roles are dads in real life too. Yes, indeed! Today,
that’s what we want to talk about. The happening dads of South,
who not only shine on screen but also off screen!

– Now he is one doting dad! His son Ayaan
was quite the star at a recent audio launch, In fact, Ayaan ‘s
antic took his own by surprise! Allu Arjun has always made sure
to take time out for his family come what may. For him, it’s
all about prioritising the family.


– He is the latest entrant to the Daddy’s club! And we have to
confess, he is by far the most good looking, cutest father we
have known. His princess now called Mariyam ameerah Salmaan was
born just a month ago on May 5. He calls her a mini version of


Jr NTR – Now he is one chilled out dad. His
moments with his son – Nandamuri Abhay Ram have always
been precious for the star. In fact, on his birthday recently,
he shared a goofy picture with his son and called it his
most precious birthday wish.


It’s hard to believe but he’s a father to two kids –
Divya and Dev. He’s the kind of father who would take on equal
duties like his wife. He is the kind of father who doesn’t
believe it’s only a mother’s job. in one of his interviews,
Suriya confessed that he envied Jyothika for being the perfect


Kamal Haasan – One of the goofiest, coolest,
open minded fathers we have known. He is always proud of what
his daughters have achieved and always encourages to do what
they want. He is the kind who will stand by them even if the
world is against them. He’s the true definition fo a rebellious


Nivin Pauly – This low profile Malayalam
superstar is actually a father of two children. One look at
Bangalore days and it would be hard to imagine him married let
alone be a father! After Premam, we were hoping he was single
but of course that bubble burst!


Mahesh Babu – This Telugu superstar is the
father of two. Now he’s one actor who has always looked the
same in all these years, parent or not. he is one of those
doting dads. On Daughter’s day, he took to social media to
write a cute message for his little princess.


Chiyaan Vikram – One of the fittest dads we
have known! Recently a pic of the father-son duo was doing the
rounds online, both looked dapper and suave in their well cut
suits and made for one good looking pair. It was hard to
believe they were actually a father-son pair because they
looked more like bros!


Nagarjuna – Isn’t it hard to believe that he
has two grown sons? Nagarjuna’s swag is unparalleled. He has
the kind of aura, style and enigma that is hard to pull off.
It’s a ‘Nagarjuna thing.’ He is the kind of father who has
always looked out for his sons when it comes their careers.
Naga Chaitanya’s latest release was a home production. In fact,
it was Nagarjuna who convinced Naga Chaitanya to take on a
massy role.


Rajinikanth – He is the kind of father who has
never stopped his daughters from taking on daring roles. Both
his daughters – Aishwarya and Soundarya are well known
directors who have unconventional projects to their credit.


Here’s wishing all the fathers out there, a Happy Father’s day!

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