Ishqbaaz’s Shivaay, Beyhadh’s Arjun or Yeh Rishta’s Karthik – Who do you think would make a better father?

Who doesn’t enjoy watching the tashan between Shivaay
and Anika or the love dovey moments that Naira and Karthik
share. But, whether we like it or not, they will eventually
become parents. Because, that’s how stories progress on Indian
television. Sooner or later, your favorite shows will take a
leap, and your lead couple will become mummy-papa. So, we
thought why not play a prediction game and see who amongst
these will make the perfect dad.

Here’s a list of all the prospective fathers of Indian
television shows. All you have to do is vote and tell us who
according to you will make a better father –

Shivaay Singh Oberoi (Ishqbaaz) 

Shivaay (Nakuul
) is a man of few words. He doesn’t like to open his
heart in front of others but he can take a bullet for his loved
ones. He is a passionate lover, a loyal brother and an obedient
son. While, he might not be very cuddly towards Saahil (Anika’s
little brother), he is quite caring and supportive.

But, what kind of a dad will he make? The strict one, who will
only be concerned about his child’s studies or the indulgent
one, who will spoil his son/daughter. We don’t know about that
but we are sure his kid will be insanely well-mannered and
stylish. Also, Shivaay can cook pastas and brownies, so you
never know, he might as well turn out to be his kid’s favorite.


Neil (Naamkarann)

Neil (Zain Imam)
is a family oriented man who respects traditions. He is modern
in his approach but is still very much rooted in his culture.
Considering he is so supportive and caring towards Avani, we
think he will make for a loving dad. What do you guys feel?


Karthik (Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai),.

Karthik (Mohsin
) is the ultimate chocolate boy of television. Although
we feel he is not yet ready to take the responsibility of a
child, it’s fun to imagine what kind of a father would he make.
He can be mature and childish both at the same time, so one
can’t really say. We know for sure that Naira (Shivangi Joshi)
will be Ishima (Divyanka Tripathi, Yeh Hai Mohabbtein) part 2
but Karthik is very unpredictable. We think he will be one of
those who will spoil his kids and will be least bothered about
their studies. Naira is definitely going to face a tough time
raising her children. Do you guys agree?


Abhi (Kumkum Bhagya)

Abhi (Shabbir
) has always lived the life of a rockstar.
Although he is a reliable and a sensitive man, he still lacks
some qualities that are a must-have for a father. I mean he is
dependent on Pragya (Sriti Jha) for a way lot of things. He is
like this one overgrown child himself. Abhi is a family man,
yes, but we think he will make Pragya take up all the serious
tasks like making them study and giving them
sanskaars, while he will become his child’s
partner in crime – who will eat ice-creams with him/her during
midnight, will think of ideas to bunk school and most
importantly will play video games with him/her instead of
making them do homework.


Arjun (Beyhadh)

I think Arjun (Kushal
) will be one of those fitness-loving fathers who
will start training his children from a very young age. No, not
like the one Aamir Khan played in Dangal, but someone who will
be more like a buddy to his kid. I can totally imagine Arjun
stuffing his children with pizzas and then taking them for a
run the next morning.


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