Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trail: Move over Shah Rukh Khan as Raj, the perfect lover boy; here’s presenting Harry, the loveable ‘Cheap’ Flirt

Shah Rukh Khan
while giving a speech at a recently held TED
Talks, told the American audience that Indian audience and his
fans around the world believe that nobody does romance better
than he do. For them he is world’s best lover. And he wasn’t
lying or bluffing about it. All these years, since one of his
first stint as a lover boy in 1995 all time
blockbuster, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, he
changed the dynamics of a lover boy portrayed on the big
screen, forever. This guy loved the girl but didn’t believe in
eloping and rather waited for the permission of the girl’s
father. He was the perfect guy any girl an ask for. He
similarly portrayed perfect lover boy characters in rest of his
films so much so that he is given the title of the King Of

Cut to 2017, the image of a perfect lover boy is a passe. It
all went for a toss as Shah Rukh Khan released the ‘mini trail’
of his upcoming rom-com Jab Harry Met
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will make you go weak in the knees

It’s time to forget Shah Rukh Khan as the legendary Raj and/or
Rahul, the quintessential lover boy, a soft hearted romantic
guy who can do no wrong, well it’s time to meet Harry! Harry,
in his own words, is ‘cheap’ and is a womaniser. He doesn’t
hold back from flirting with woman or leching at them. In
short, Harry ka character kharaab hai.

Check out the mini trail below:

It’ll be indeed exciting to see Shah Rukh Khan portray a lover
who is not perfect, who is flawed, who sleeps around and is
unabashedly shameless about it. Also
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In the mini-trail launched by the makers, Harry clearly states
that he’s a guy with a loose character. And one particular
moment that stays in one’s mind is he caressing his finger
around a girl’s midriff. You have never seen Shah Rukh Khan do
that ever.


Well the film will surely be a game changer for him as a
romantic star. I just hope the film turns out to be a
blockbuster Shah Rukh Khan’s looking for off late.

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