Just 3 gifs of Shah Rukh Khan turn from cute to creepy in Jab Harry Met Sejal’s mini trail

Oh Shah Rukh
fans and feminists, you are so not going to like the
Jab Harry Met Sejal mini trail! Well, you all might have
already seen the actor’s latest venture, JHMs’
mini trail. Ad maybe you might’ve also been creeped out
by SRK’s demeanour as a womanizer. This reminds us,
remember when we exclusively told you during the making
of the film that the actor would be playing the role of a
womanizer? Looks like our sources were right after all. We
just saw a glimpse of how low he can get in his ‘character
dheela’ act. But guess what Despite his cheap acts,
there’s still this cute side of him that cannot go amiss. In
just 3 gifs, we’ve managed to bring to
you Khan’s cute to creep act that’s definitely going to
make the film an interesting watch.

Now you might find his entire act too hard to digest, but in
his defense, this isn’t the first time he has done such freaky
roles. Even though he has a loverboy image, let’s face it, he
has always been the creepy boy seeking for the girl of his
dreams. So yeah, having dealt with all of that, it shouldn’t
irk you much that King Khan is doing something eyebrow-raising.
But there’s a disclaimer. Stunts performed are by professionals
who are doing it as a part of the job and they should not be
replicated! (by that we mean the cringing scene where he
touches the girl’s navel with his finger).

Harry Met Sejal mini trail review: Shah Rukh Khan’s CHEAP act
will make you go weak in the knees

There’s that innocently cute face – 


But looks can be deceptive – 


Certainly deceptive *facepalm* – 


Set to release in August, Jab Harry Met Sejal is a love story
between a Punjabi boy and a Gujarati girl. Khan’s love interest
is Anushka Sharma in the film. This is the first time the duo
are coming together for Imtiaz Ali, who is usually biased
towards having Ranbir Kapoor in his films. Having mentioned
that, here’s something interesting. We exclusively found out
that the script of JHMS was originally given to RK Jr. But due
to date crunch, he was unable to take Imtiaz up on the offer.
Everything works for the best, isn’t it?

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