These pics of Deepika Padukone prove that when God made her, he was showing off

If looks could kill, Deepika
would surely be tagged as a felon! Because
damn girl, your smile has left us hypnotized. There’s a
reason why DP is so loved by fans and admired by
all. Her smile makes the world a better place. A fan
club shared a rather gorgeous pic of the diva, which is why we
are gushing so much about her. Just look at how pretty she
is! Only a fool wouldn’t be attracted to her beauty,
especially that smile. Oh, her million dollar smile! We
have stated far too much about it but in this pic, can you see
anything else? She looks absolutely diva-esque in the nude
ensemble. Of course, the scenic background adds more
panache to the image.

On the same Insta handle, we found another grab where she
is seen in a rather glittery avatar. It’s a very Night-and-Day
combination. While one pic has a very sepia-hued
effect, accentuating Deepika’s beauty,
the second pic has the moonlight falling on her.
The second pic makes her look like a goddess, casting a spell
on everyone. It may have sounded a tad bit cheesy but we’re
actually running out of words to praise her drop-dead gorgeous
looks in these grabs. It’s evident that the pics are grabs
from an ad film she has done. We tried but couldn’t locate as
to where this ad had surfaced, but we’re certain that once we
find it, we’ll be watching it on loop, just
like how the fans would.

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Deepika Padukone aces airport style, zooms back in
monochromatic stripes and a wide smile!

Deepika Padukone god cheesy pick up 2Deepika Padukone god cheesy pick up

Ever since she has returned from attending all her Hollywood
commitments, we’ve seen a jump in her fashion picks. It has
improved and is now on another level and we are just glad.
Lately all her style choices are worth aping. We’ll be seeing
her next in Padmavati, alongside Ranveer Singh and Shahid
Kapoor. Being a Sanjay Leela Bhansali film, that has the
actress as the protagonist (around whom the story revolves),
we’re certain that the filmmaker would do justice to her grace
and elegance. He is known to encapsulate beauty in it’s purest
form and he has already proven his mettle with Bajirao Mastani.
Now we can’t wait for Padmavati! What about you fans? Excited?
Tell us in the comments box below.

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